Expression of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Expression of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction
Is use to express feeling satisfaction and dissatisfaction 

Expression Of Satisfaction
I am satisfied.
I am very happy.
I like it.
I enjoy it very much.

Expression Of Dissatisfaction
I am not satisfied.
I hate it.
I am not happy.

Example Question
1. A : What do you think the 
         dress I made for you?
    B : I’m extremely pleased.
  The underline expression is used to express…
  a. Certainty
  b. Surprise
  c. Satisfaction
  d. Agreement
  e. Happiness

2. Lecturer : What did you think of the lecture?
   Student  : ……………………
   Lecturer : Oh, really? Actually I was afraid that my lecture was going to be
 a. It was boring.
 b. We were very disappointed.
 c. We felt bored.
 d. It was satisfying us.
 e. It gave us dissatisfaction.

3. Edy : I feel … with the art exhibition because it  lacks of
  Ali  : It is a pity that only a few art lovers came.
   a. pleased
   b. amused
   c. amazed
   d. interested
   e. dissatisfied
4. Budi  : How is the business in the shop?
   Aulia  : Very good. I can’t complain.
                I … with the way of business going.
   a. am unhappy
    b. am not pleased
    c. am dissatisfied
    d. feel contented
    e. feel discontented

5. A  : I heard that you wanted to move to the new house.
   B  : No, I don’t plan it. The house where I am living now
      is …
    a. satisfactory
    b. satisfaction
    c. satisfying
    d. satisfied
    e. satisfy

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